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September 12, 2013

Dear Parents/Guardians,

In the past several years, the Windsor C-1 School District has utilized a bullying hotline in order to notify the District of potential bullying threats. This hotline was strictly utilized for bullying instances only. As you know, in recent years we have seen an increase in our nation with other acts of school violence, as well as drug use among our children.

I have listed below our new numbers that are specific to each building and we will now not only have the lines available for bullying, but also for school safety and drug related issues. By having numbers for each building, one’s information will go directly to that particular building principal, immediately. With the old system, the information came to either Central Office or the Technology Department where the information was manually sent to the specific building that was being referenced. It is our hope that having individual numbers for each building will allow the information provided, regarding bullying, school safety, or drug related issues to be received as quickly as possible. These new numbers allow for phone messages or one can text message the number, as well. All calls or texts are anonymous, unless the sender wishes to notify the District of their identity.

Windsor School Safety Numbers:

 Windsor High School
Windsor Middle School
 Windsor Intermediate School
Windsor Elementary
 Freer Elementary

We hope that this allows each of you to feel the security to inform our schools of situations that could result in school safety issues, if not addressed. The safety of each child is our main priority and our number one concern; we will continue to address ways to eliminate and reduce these issues. Thank you for helping in this process.


Dr. Joel B. Holland