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Heroin Alert

The entire St. Louis region including Jefferson County is feeling the devastating affects of heroin use, noting especially sharp increases in heroin overdose deaths. Thus far, we in our community have not had a current student die from use; Jefferson County overall is currently experiencing about one overdose a day and one death a week from heroin use. However, as with anywhere, this does not mean our students are not using. It does mean that every time a student chooses to use heroin they are increasing their likelihood of harm and injury, and they are decreasing their likelihood of positive academic and life outcomes.

With the Meth Action Coalition, we have a created a heroin fact sheet (Jeff Co Heroin Fact Sheet) and are also including one created by NCADA (NCADA Heroin). The Dangerous Drugs Taskforce has released an EMERGENCY letter encouraging students to understand the dangers of heroin; to call 636-797-6474 to report illegal activity; and, to seek additional information from trusted sources as necessary.