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Kindergarten Curriculum Concepts

Communication Arts


Reading Process

  • Demonstrate directionality concepts of print
  • Recognize print tells a story
  • Develop the ability to hear and say separate sounds in words
  • Develop an ability to produce rhyming words
  • Recognize and name most upper and lower case letters
  • Read simple text containing a small bank of high frequency words
  • Demonstrate the ability to retell a story after listening and reading
  • Make general predictions before reading
  • Distinguish between fiction and non-fiction

Reading fiction, poetry, and drama

  • Respond to rhythm, rhyme, and alliteration in oral reading of poetry and prose
  • Use details from text to identify story elements such as main characters and problem.

Reading nonfiction

  • Develop an awareness that text and pictures provide information
  • Respond to rhythm, rhyme, and alliteration in oral reading of non-fiction
  • Follow a simple pictorial/written direction, with assistance


Writing Process

  • Generate a draft through pictures and words
  • Revise and publish stories with assistance
  • Participate in shared and interactive writing

Writing Conventions

  • Develop fine motor skills for handwriting
  • Understand that words are composed of speech sounds
  • Spell his/her first and last name correctly, capitalizing only the first letters

Forms of Writing

  • Plan and write stories with pictures and words about familiar experiences, with assistance
  • Plan and tell an idea through pictures and words using factual information, with assistance
  • Respond to rhythm and rhyme in oral reading of poetry