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1st grade Curriculum Concepts

Communication Arts


Reading Process

  • Demonstrates concepts of upper and lower case letters
  • Demonstrates that punctuation has meaning
  • Demonstrates the ability to hear and say separate sounds in words
  • Develop and apply decoding strategies for regularly spelled words
  • Read grade-level text with appropriate phrasing and expression
  • Develop vocabulary through text, using base words and classroom resources
  • Learn to apply comprehension strategies before, during and after reading
  • After reading, be able to reflect, analyze, and draw conclusions
  • Identify similarities and differences in various fiction and non-fiction works

Reading Fiction, Poetry, and Drama

  • Locate and apply information in title, pictures, and names of author
  • Read and respond to rhythm, rhyme, and alliteration in poetry and prose
  • Use details from text to identify characters and problem and solution, and to place events in logical sequence.

Reading Nonfiction

  • Identify and explain information in text, pictures, title and charts
  • Use details in text to recognize important information, identify main ideas and supporting details
  • Use details in text to ask question to clarify understanding
  • Read and follow a simple direction to perform a task


Writing Process

  • Follow a writing process in prewriting, drafting, editing, revising, publishing
  • Generate a writing draft in accordance with the district writing program
  • Revise and edit for grade level appropriate items with assistance
  • Publish writing with assistance

Writing Conventions

  • Print upper and lower case letters using directionality and correct spacing between words
  • Write complete sentences using nouns and verbs
  • In composing text, capitalize names of people and beginning of words in sentences
  • In composing text, use period at end of sentence
  • Use phonetic spelling and apply knowledge of spelling patterns

Forms of Writing

  • Write narrative text that includes related sentences
  • Write expository text with related sentences
  • Identify different forms of written communication