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2nd Grade Curriculum Concepts

Communication Arts


Reading Process

  • Apply decoding strategies to problem-solve unknown words
  • Read grade-level instructional text with fluency, accuracy, and expression
  • Develop vocabulary through using base words and context clues
  • Identify main ideas and supporting details by summarizing and paraphrasing
  • Make connections to own experiences and the world when reading

Reading Fiction, poetry, and Drama

  • Identify author’s use of rhythm, and alliteration in poetry and prose, with assistance
  • Use details form the text to make inferences about setting, characters, and problems
  • Make predictions about the story solution
  • Identify events in logical sequence

Reading Nonfiction

  • Interpret information in illustrations, title, headings, captions, diagrams, charts and graphs
  • Use details form text to ask questions, identify main ideas and provide support, retell sequence of events and make inferences based on text
  • Read and follow simple directions to perform a task


Writing Process

  • Follow a writing process: prewriting, drafting, revising, editing, and publishing
  • Demonstrate grade level appropriate knowledge of the district writing program

Writing Conventions

  • Use grade level appropriate capitalization and punctuation
  • Use adjectives, pronouns, and contractions correctly
  • Use transitional spelling, while correctly spelling priority words and words with simple spelling patterns
  • Identify and write declarative statements and interrogative question sentences

Forms of Writing

  • Write narrative text with story elements that records a series of events in chronological order
  • Write expository text with a main idea and supporting details, with assistance
  • Write friendly letters, simple messages, and simple directions, considering a given audience