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* Singapore Mathematics

Singapore’s Primary Mathematics:
An Introduction

How is Primary Mathematics being implemented in Windsor C-1?

  • 2009 — 2010: grades 1 — 3
  • 2010 — 2011: grades 1 — 4
  • 2011 — 2012: grades 1 – 5

Why make the change to Primary Mathematics?

  • Proven effective by the country of Singapore’s improvement in mathematics on international standardized testing, from being ranked as 16th in 1983 to 1st place in 1996. Singapore remained in 1st place in 2003.
  • Emphasizes key skills of number sense and problem solving.
  • Teaches key mathematical concepts in a depth that is not seen in other series.

What is Primary Mathematics?

  • Children are taught concepts through 3 stages of intellectual development:
    • Concrete learning: Objects are moved to learn new mathematical concepts.
    • Pictorial learning: Drawings or pictures are used to practice previously learned concepts.
    • Abstract learning: Numbers and symbols are employed to find a solution.
  • Primary Mathematics focuses on building number sense and problem solving skills.

Why does my child’s math homework look different than the way I learned math?

  • Primary Mathematics builds on understandings that are learned through different stages of learning.
  • Students are working on different levels, but learning the same concepts.
  • The final goal is the traditional way of working math problems.

Does my child need to memorize math “facts”?

  • YES!!!
  • Math facts are the building blocks needed for a successful math experience.

How can I better understand what my child is doing in mathematics?

  • Attend parent nights throughout the school year.
  • Read helpful mathematical tips that will be available on the Windsor web site.
  • Contact Dawn Pluff at if you have questions.