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Scholarship Sites

There are great websites that help you look for scholarships – there are some that are just scams too.  Be careful of submitting any personal information and if a sites asked you to pay to apply – Don’t!

Before looking through what can be an endless labyrinth of websites begin by:

1. Look in your backyard first.

Many business give scholarships to children of employees. Some credit unions give scholarships to account holders. Individual colleges have special scholarships. Start by making a list of all of your family members’s employers and organizations, and ——-

2. Search library resources.

There are several large reference books in the college nook which list scholarships by state, interest, special circumstance and organization.  Glancing through them is much more efficient than randomly googleing.  (Though a little less fun than making up your own words.)

3. Search these sites:  

ESA Foundation

College Board