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* Windsor Elementary Library – Mrs. Brenda Smith

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Mrs. Brenda Smith, Librarian
Hours: 7:45 — 3:30 Monday-Friday

Windsor Elementary Library Resource Center serves staff, parents, and over 450 students Pre L2
We have a wide variety of books, video tapes, and professional and child-centered magazines.

My goal is to help your child become a good reader because reading encourages growth.

To help you remember what day your child should
return his/her library book, please check the following schedule.


Day 1: Mrs. WillimasMrs. Rickermann, Mrs. Mueller, Miss Laury, Mrs. Fults, Ms. Carter

Day 2:  Mrs.  Steiner, Mrs. Rask, Mrs. Brickner, Mrs. Wilfong, Miss Laury, Mrs. Ruether

Day 3:  Ms. Milam, Mrs. Baldwin, Mrs. Siegel, Ms. Wilfong, Mrs. Roth, Mrs. Ruether

Day 4:  Mrs. Menkhus, Mrs. Chamberlain, Mrs. Poe, Mrs. Pouvaranukoah, Mrs. Roth

Day 5:  Mrs. Krueger, Mrs. Asberry, Mr. Saale, Mrs. Fults, Mrs. Poe, Mrs. Carter, Mrs. Pouvaranukoah

Windsor Kindergarten students visit the library to learn library skills, good library etiquette and appreciation of literature by listening to award winning books.  Students will be selecting books to check out starting in the middle of October.

Second grade students are participating in Reading Counts.  To learn more about this program, click on the Reading Counts section.  A list of available quizzes are listed on the Scholastic Reading Counts website.

Destiny Website for Windsor Elementary is

See what books are in our library!