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LI: windsor
PW: goowls

World Book Online Encyclopedia
Use this site to access a child safe online encylopedia, almanac, dictionary, timelines, video clips, magazine articles, clasical free ebooks, including a spanish encyclopedia, etc. Kids = Elementary, Student =Middle School. Advanced = Middle/High School.

LI: windsor

PW: goowls

Reading Counts history and social issues ebooks. LI: windsor or windsor2 PW: goowls Security Answer: brown


Reading Counts science and social studies ebooks.

LI: windsorms  or windsor

PW: windsorms or goowls

TrueFlix    TrueFlix at School

Look Up Reading Counts Points

You can use this website to look up a title to see if it is a reading counts book. On the left side of the screen just type in the title and hit submit. If the book pops up on the right side, it is a reading counts book. You can also click on the correct title for more information after it pops up.