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WMS is proudly using Reading Counts, which is a program produced by Scholastic, INC. The program is designed to encourage students of all ages and abilities to read. The students select a book from a number of titles in the library. After completely reading the book, the student takes a quiz based on comprehension of the material. The computer tracks the books successfully completed for each student in a point system. Middle School Students are required to earn twenty-five Reading Counts points each quarter. The earned points will be included in the communication arts grade and incentive programs.

Students now have access to more than 45,000 titles that are in the reading counts program. Students are encouraged to use books from the school library, public library, and home. An up-to-date list of Reading Quizzes is available on the Windsor District Homepage under the library link.

If you have questions about the Reading Counts program please feel free to contact Miss Hash at anytime or visit the Scholastic website at Students may verify Reading Counts books at


Link To Reading Counts On Campus: