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Superintendent Letter – Facebook Post – New York Student

Dear Parents,

As some of you have heard and seen, there is a picture that is being circulated on Facebook of a middle school female student, holding a sign, that reads “My name is Charisma. I am being bullied at Windsor Middle School. Share this & make it go viral so maybe I will stop being bullied every day.”

This student is from a Windsor Central Middle School in Windsor, New York and DOES NOT attend the Windsor C-1 Middle School in Imperial, Missouri. It does mention that she is from New York, in the comments portion, of the referenced Facebook page. One of our middle school counselors has contacted the other school to make sure they are aware of the situation. They had already been contacted and are aware; but, they appreciated our concern and attention to the matter. I have seen on their website, where they have made mention of this situation and that all threats of bullying are taken seriously and that this issue will be addressed.

During the last few days, we have been contacted, at the Middle School and Central Office, by many concerned parents and students who wanted to make sure that this student received the help that she was seeking, as they originally thought it was one of our students. Although, the student is not from Windsor C-1, we do greatly appreciate our community for responding so quickly to the welfare of a child. I am also very pleased with how our Middle School staff has responded to the situation in reaching out to the New York school, in order to make sure they knew one of their students was in need of assistance. All other things aside, our District’s main objective is to create a safe and nurturing environment for every single student. This incident was a reminder that we must always remain diligent in those efforts; as well as, having open lines communication with one another.

Although, this wide spread attention has caused a great deal of concern in our District, and other Windsor School Districts across the country (as there are several, including another in Missouri), this young student’s goal of putting an end to the bullying that she has been experiencing will hopefully come to an end, as a result of her efforts, immediately. It is my sincerest desire that this is the case and that her days of coming to school with fear and anxiety are behind her.

Dr. Joel B. Holland
Windsor C-1 School District

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