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Further Information

Files Received

The Copy Center can receive several different types of formats on a variety of media.


  • Microsoft Word (PC)
  • Microsoft Office (Mac & PC)
  • PDF format (Mac & PC)


  • Via e-mail (Mac & PC)

Pickup and Delivery

The Copy Center will perform one regularly scheduled pickup and delivery each day at 11am — 12pm.

Urgent orders may be taken directly to the center. If you require immediate pickup, please contact us at 636-464-4400 ext. 4907 and we will be glad to accommodate you.

Print Request Form Guidelines

Please allow a 3 day turn around on all print request forms. If you have less then 100 copies to be made, please copy them at your building copier. Avoid sending jobs that are not needed for several weeks. Please remember to include a contact name and # on the form as well as date needed by, and the name of the school.

Our Commitment

We resolve to deliver solutions to support Windsor School District’s unique needs. It is our goal to consistently exceed your expectations of service, while continuing to provide an exceptional product.

Your job is always checked twice, which ensures the quality you can expect with every order. As mentioned earlier, we will go above and beyond to see that your request is met. We are committed to your satisfaction.