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2020/2021 Parents as Teachers Newsletter



 Update 10/7/20: Due to Covid 19, PAT home visits and screenings look different. At this time we are conducting virtual home visits and screenings, but we are doing them!! Please call or email us to schedule a developmental screening, preschool/pre-k screening, or a home visit with your child. (See contact information below.)

Beginning at the Beginning: As a parent, you are your child’s first and most important teacher. Your child will learn more during the early years than any other time in life. How your child grows and learns during these years – beginning at birth – will affect his or her later development and success in school.

Mission Statement: Parents as Teachers promotes the optimal early development, learning and health of children by supporting and engaging their parents and caregivers.

Vision Statement: All children will develop, learn and grow to realize their full potential.

Free Services and Materials: Parents as Teachers is a volunteer and free program that provides practical, effective help for all Missouri families with children birth to age five. It offers:

1. Personal Visits – Mindy Ford and Cathy Theiss, Certified Parent Educators trained in child development, provide home visits to families who qualify. They can help you understand each stage of your child’s development and offer practical tips on ways to encourage learning.

2. Screenings – PAT offers periodic screening of overall development, language, hearing and vision. The goal is to provide a clear understanding of your child’s growth and development. Call us for a screening if you:

–         Have a developmental concern for your child.

–         Would like a screening to place your child on the waiting list for a typical peer spot in one of the Early Childhood Special Education classes.

–         Would like to see if your child qualifies for Title One Pre-Kindergarten.

–         Would like confirmation that your child is developing appropriately for their age.

3. Resource Network – PAT helps families link with special services and resources, if needed, which are beyond the scope of this program.

4. Group Connections – PAT partners with ECSE, Title One to provide fun activities your family can attend. We also have Story Time with the parent educators several times during the school year. Update 10/7/20: Group connections are on hold due to Covid 19, however, we may be able to do virtual group connections at some point this year.

The Home-School Partnership that Works:

Research has shown that children whose parents were involved in PAT were significantly advanced over their peers in language, social development, problem solving and intellectual abilities.

Children whose parents were involved in PAT also scored significantly higher on standardized measures of reading and math achievement than did comparison children.

Give your child the best possible start in life! Join the more than 100,000 Missouri families who are benefiting from Parents As Teachers.


Parents as Teachers received a grant from the Jefferson Memorial Foundation to develop a discovery room at Windsor Elementary called the Little Owls Play Nest. Due to Covid 19, we are unable to open it to the public at this time. Our plan is to eventually have the room staffed at least one day during the week so that families from the area can come to a safe, clean, developmentally appropriate place for their children to play. We also plan to do group activities in the room. When children come for developmental screenings, they will be able to play in the room while the Parent Educator goes over their results with their parents.


To be part of Windsor PAT, contact our parent educators by phone at (636)464-4499

You may also contact them by email:

Mindy Ford:

Cathy Theiss:

PAT/Early Childhood Coordinator: Janelle Dinwiddie: (636)464-4423 or by email at:

Check our Facebook Page for additional child development information and activities:  Windsor C-1 Parents as Teachers.


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