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January, 2017

No one ever regarded the first day of January with indifference.
                                                    Charles Lamb

January 6       Pay Roll Sheet due
January 13    Pay Day
January 16    No School, MLK Day
January 23    Payroll Sheets Due
January 31    Pay Day
February 8   Payroll Sheets Due
February 15   Pay Day
February 20  No School, President’s Day
February 23   Payroll Sheets Due
February 28   Pay Day


Please consider DIRECT DEPOSIT . No more waiting for the mail man, making time to get to the bank!

Simply provide a canceled(or  check/deposit slip to Cheri at Central Office.

Payroll ?’s Cheri Librach 636-464-4465

Singapore Math

Powerpoints from the Parent Informational Meetings can be found on the Windsor Web Site.
Go to the Curriculum Tab – Math – Singapore Math Documents.

You can find the handouts from these meetings here also.

Improving Excellence
As a guest teacher you are always searching for new ways to become more effective.
Here are a couple resources:
The Substitute Teaching Survival Guid-
Emergency Lesson Plans & Essential
Advice  K – 5
by John Dellinger
Please let me know if there is something you would like to see on this web page, provided to you – either in the classroom or as a training.


When in a clasroom, do not show a video unless it has been obtained through the schools media center.  Only “G” rated movies are permitted in elementary schools, and in other levels, PG and PG13 require Parental Permission.   

In the event school is cancelled or dismissed early due to inclement weather, the following news media will be notified, as well as posted on the district’s web page (

KSD – Channel 5
KMOV – Channel 4
Fox2 News 11

If you are scheduled to sub on a day school is canceled Julie will call you (unless you receive the schools “all-call” because you have students in the district).

IMPORTANT!!!! Have you completed this?

EVERY Guest Teacher MUST view the videos
“Safe Environment

  • Bully/Violence Prevention
  • Sexual Abuse Prevention
  • Substance Abuse Prevention

This is required by our insurance.

You should be able to go online at

Log In: User name ( your e-mail address or last name,first initial)
Password: 1234

Please let me know if you have problems.

Please print and send me a copy of your 3 certificates when you have completed watching the 3 videos.

by Rosemary Brittain, The Bus Stop Blog

I substitute taught for a second grade teacher once who taught me six very valuable words, “I’m looking for my best students”.  Addressing a rather chaotic class, she did not yell over the din, but spoke in a normal, upbeat tome.  Her works instantly transformed the classroom.

When I walked into Ms. Order’s classroom at 11:00 a.m. (15 minutes before she was due to leave), I heard her say these six little words to a group of second graders who were transitioning from one subject to the next.  The children were moving about the room, putting things away, picking thins up, talking, sharpening pencils, and generally being noisy.  Their teacher stood at the from of the room and cheerfully said, “I’m looking for my best students.”  Within a matter of moments, the room fell completely silent.  Students took their seats quietly, sat up straight with hands folded on top of their desks, and gave the teacher their full attention.  I was stunned.

Obviously, the teacher had used this tactic many times in the past, because the children know the drill well. However, I found that it works even if the children do not know the drill.  I have used these six little works when substituting for elementary PE teachers, art and music teachers, and all elementary grades pre-K through 5th.  The key is to explain up front what “best students” look like.  I usually write my expectations on the board when I arrive.  They read something like this:

Ms. Brittain’s Best Students:

  1.     Stay on task.
  2.     Work quietly.
  3.     Complete all assigned work.
  4.     Raise their hand to speak.
  5.     Raise their hand to leave their seat.

Sometimes I have rewards for my best students, such as colorful new pencils or cute eraser, but not necessarily.  I always tell them about the special note I leave for their teacher listing all of my best students ( and I do).  I find that students really want to be labeled “best student” , and they strive to be on the “best students” list.

So, when faces with an unruly classroom, try saying, “I’m looking for my best students”, in your most cheerful voice, and see what happens.  As long as your have explained what your “best students” look like, these six little words could transform your classroom.

Right On!  You Make Me Smile!  You’re The Greatest!

Positive Behavior Support

I am Respectful!
I am Responsible!
I am Safe!


    Remember guest teaches have a grave responsibility to treat with confidentiality most matters pertaining to students – performance, achievement levels, behavior.
Please let me know if there is something you would like to see on this web page, provided to you – either in the classroom or as a training.
Promethean Boards have been installed in
all classrooms. Do NOT use dry erase
markers on these boards.  They will leave
permanent marks.