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“There are three important qualities of a good family.  These are love, cooperation, and positive expectations.  So it should be in a good school.”                                     William Cooper SmithIMPORTANT DATES
Jan. 3      Classes resume
Jan. 12    No School – Staff Development
Jan. 15    No School – MLK Day
Feb. 16   No School – Staff Development
Feb. 19   No School – President’s Day

Spring Break   March 26 – April 2

**Pay Sheets are due the 8th and 23rd of each month.
Cheri Librach
**Pay Days are the 15th and 30th/31st of each month.


Please consider DIRECT DEPOSIT . No more waiting for the mail man, making time to get to the bank!

Simply provide a canceled(or  check/deposit slip to Cheri at Central Office.

Payroll ?’s   Cheri Librach 636-464-4465

Singapore Math

Powerpoints from the Parent Informational Meetings can be found on the Windsor Web Site.
Go to the Curriculum Tab – Math – Singapore Math Documents.

You can find the handouts from these meetings here also.

Improving Excellence
As a guest teacher you are always searching for new ways to become more effective.
Here are a couple resources:
Guest Teacher Blog :
The Substitute Teaching Survival Guid-
Emergency Lesson Plans & Essential
Advice  K – 5
by John Dellinger
Please let me know if there is something you would like to see on this web page, provided to you – either in the classroom or as a training.


When in a clasroom, do not show a video unless it has been obtained through the schools media center.  Only “G” rated movies are permitted in elementary schools, and in other levels, PG and PG13 require Parental Permission.   

In the event school is cancelled or dismissed early due to inclement weather, the following news media will be notified, as well as posted on the district’s web page (

KSD – Channel 5
KMOV – Channel 4
Fox2 News 11

If you are scheduled to sub on a day school is canceled Julie will call you (unless you receive the schools “all-call” because you have students in the district).



Classroom discipline starts with self-discipline.

Set rules and boundaries from the beginning and stick to the.  Treat each student with respect and they will do the same back.  The educator needs to  be there for them.

Be flexible and patient.

Something annoying that a student is doing will usually stop with in 40 seconds, so there is no reason to act on everything.  They usually stop on their own.

Distractions are part of the learning process.

Greet the students at the door, set expectations early, praise positive behavior, keep moving around the room, breathe, and stay calm.


Staying Healthy!
Flu season is upon us .  Take some precautions to being bit!

Wash your hands frequently.
Get enough sleep.
Use hand sanitizer
Drink lots of water

Do you have any “words of wisdom” for other substitutes?




Use this for the last ten minutes of a busy day, a time filler, or maybe as a reward for a well-done day.

This game serves as a good practice for spelling words.
Arrange students in a line.  The game leader calls out the first word.  The first person in line calls out the first letter in that word.  The second person calls out the second letter, and so on.The person who says the last letter in the word must turn to the next person in the line and say sparkle.  The person who is “sparkled” must return to his or her seat.  If a word is misspelled, the person to say the first wrong letter must sit down and the spelling of that word continues.  After a student is sparkled, the leader calls out a new word.  The game continues until on ly one student remains standing.


Outstanding Performance!  Marvelous!

Positive Behavior Support

I am Respectful!
I am Responsible!
I am Safe!


    Remember guest teaches have a grave responsibility to treat with confidentiality most matters pertaining to students – performance, achievement levels, behavior.
Please let me know if there is something you would like to see on this web page, provided to you – either in the classroom or as a training.
Promethean Boards have been installed in
all classrooms. Do NOT use dry erase
markers on these boards.  They will leave
permanent marks.