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Instructional “Best Practice”

Windsor C-1 Instructional Focus on Research-based “Best Practice”

Children of the same age and grade level do not necessary learn alike. The idea of “one-size-fits-all” instruction falls short of meeting the needs of all students. In an effective classroom, commonalities are recognized but student differences become increasing more important in teaching and learning. Students learn best in schools that are student centered, experiential, democratic, and collaborative but also challenging. In this age of higher standards and accountability (No Child Left Behind), schools work to adjust their practice to provide a quality education for each and every student.

Some Best Practice Recommendations

Classrooms need more:

  • Hands-on learning, Active learning
  • Higher-order thinking
  • Student inquiry and problem solving
  • Reading of real texts — nonfiction
  • Responsibility transferred to students for their work
  • Choice for students
  • Focus on learning styles
  • Cooperative learning
  • Special help to individuals in the regular classroom
  • Authentic curriculum and assessments
  • Use of data to drive instruction
  • Differentiated Instruction/multiple approaches

Classrooms need less:

  • Lecturing
  • Seatwork (especially worksheets and workbooks)
  • Requiring memorization of facts and details
  • Focus on competition
  • Rewarding of silence in the classroom
  • Use of textbooks
  • Tracking or leveling in ability groupings
  • Low-order thinking skills
  • Focus on hard-line discipline

Here at Windsor C-1 School District, there is a shift from “what is taught” to “what is learned”. Administrators focus on what the teacher is doing (instructional practice) and work with staff to analyze assessment data. Data are used to drive instruction to meet the needs of each and every student. In addition, we are working to provide Best Practice professional development for teachers and administrators. By following these guidelines, we are sure to meet our district goals for academic improvement.