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Janelle Dinwiddie, Process Coordinator

Phone: (636)464-2951 ext. 4500


The Windsor C-1 School District has two types of early childhood programs, and both programs are housed at Freer Elementary. The first program is Early Childhood Special Education. Children are eligible for this program if they are between the ages of 3 years old and 5 years old, and have an IEP (Individualized Education Plan) for special needs in at least one area. ECSE is a half day program, Monday – Thursday. In each session, at least 3 children also attend who do not have special needs. These children are chosen from a waiting list after having been screened by Parents as Teachers.  Our second early childhood program is Title One Pre-Kindergarten, which is geared to help children who may be at risk for success in kindergarten. To participate in this program during their pre-kindergarten year, children must turn 4 on or before July 31. Children are found eligible for this program if they score below the 50th percentile (average) in any one area (Motor, Concepts or Language) on the DIAL-4 Screener completed by Parents as Teachers. Children are automatically eligible if their family qualifies as low income (WIC or food stamps), English Language Learners, or homeless.  Please take a look at our Early Childhood Handbook (link found below) for more information about our program including upcoming events.

Early Childhood handbook Early Childhood Handbook 2018

A new addition to our Early Childhood Handbook (10/1/15): In accordance with MO SB 341 section 210.003.1, the Windsor C-1 Early Childhood and Title 1 programs will notify parents and guardians, upon parent or guardian request, of whether there are children currently enrolled in or attending the facility that have filed an immunization exemption.

Below are contact links for each of our Early Childhood Special Education teachers:

Kristen Barnowski



Jenny Belmar



Sarah Darnton



Brittany Rosener



Wendy Rosvall




Below are contact links for each of our Title One Pre-k teachers:

Danielle Flamm



Rachel Davis



Upcoming Early Childhood Events:

Grandparent Gathering: Barnowski, Belmar, Darnton and Rosvall will be held on  Friday, 9/7/17 from 9:30 – 10:30 A.M. in the Freer Cafeteria.

Davis, Flamm and Rosener will be held on Friday, 9/14/17 from 9:30 – 10:30 A.M. in the Freer Cafeteria.

Story Time With Mindy or Cathy (PAT) will be held several times per year for the children in the ECSE and Title One classes. Your child’s teacher will send home information regarding the dates and times. PAT families are also welcome to attend story times.

The Bubble Bus will visit Freer Elementary on October 4, 2018 from 5:30 – 6:30 PM and again in the spring in conjunction with the fall Book Fair. Look for information to be sent home with your child. ECSE, Title One and PAT families are welcome.

Stuckmeyer’s Pumpkin Patch: $5.00 per person ages one and older for wagon ride and playing in Fort Spooky. $8 per person for wagon ride, playing in Fort Spooky and a small pumpkin. Playing in Fort Spooky is free.  Friday, 10/19/17, at 9:30 AM. PAT, ECSE and Title One families are all welcome.

Windsor Early Childhood Night at the Magic House, Thursday, November 15, 2017,  6:00 – 8:00 P.M. – ***Free to all PAT, ECSE and Title One children and their families!***

Polar Express – December 6, 2017.  A night of fun holiday activities for families of PAT, Title One and ECSE Classes. The event will be held at Freer Elementary from 5:30 – 7:30 PM.

Freer Dance – A fun night of dancing and activities for families on February 8, 2019 in the evening at Freer Elementary.

Spring Fling:  Fun games and activities for PAT, ECSE and Title One families at Kade’s Playground on Friday, April 26, 2019. PAT, ECSE and Title One families may attend. The time will be announced closer to the event

Freer Carnival – Date and time in May, 2019, to be announced.

Preschool Graduation: DATE AND TIME TO BE ANNOUNCED. Early Childhood will hold a graduation ceremony in May, 2019, for the students who will move on to kindergarten in the fall of 2019. Date, time and location will be announced closer to the event.

Other family involvement activities including class parties for Halloween and Valentine’s Day will be scheduled during the year.




Parents As Teachers, Janelle Dinwiddie – Coordinator
Mindy Ford and Cathy Theiss, Parent Educators

email for Mindy Ford:

email for Cathy Theiss:

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