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School Cancellations and Weather Notices

After concluding a conference call with the National Weather Service, they have indicated that the potential for inclement weather is a “high confidence event” with “significant snowfall”.  They are predicting precipitation, starting with sleet to begin between 3 p.m. – 6 p.m. 

As a result of this conference call, the Windsor C-1 School District will be dismissing Friday, January 11th at half a day (11:30 for the Middle and High Schools and at 12:30 for the Elementary Schools) due to this potential for inclement weather.

With the forecast looking imminent, we would rather give our parents ample time to make any childcare arrangements that they would need to make, rather than notifying them hours or even minutes prior to a potential weather situation. 

With this type of decision being made prior to the arrival of any inclement weather, the possibility exists that we may be cancelling school prematurely and that nothing will happen tomorrow. 

But, based upon the potential hazards that could occur by waiting until the last minute, we will gladly err on the side of caution in making sure that we eliminate buses driving on hazardous road conditions (keep in mind that when we let school out, even on a normal school day, it takes our last bus over 3 hours to get back to school, as we have both elementary and secondary bus runs which take 1 ½ hours each), and we also eliminate students that drive to school from being in hazardous driving conditions, as well as the great number of parents who have to be on the road that personally pick their children up from school.

By completing a half a day of school, this day WILL NOT need to be made up. 

If the National Weather Service updates the weather system with an earlier arrival time to our area, where it would impact our entire day, we will notify you as soon as is possible with any new arrangements.  Thank you.

The latest National Weather Situation Report can be found here.