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Parent Night Topics – March 11, 2019

The Windsor C-1 School District will be hosting a parent information night on Monday, March 11th at Windsor High School from 6-7:30 PM.  Each participant will be able to attend two 30 minute sessions during the evening.  Each session will have a variety of presentations to select from. For a list and description of the presentation options, visit  parent night topics.   In order to help us prepare for the evening, please fill out the online registration to sign up. Although registration is not required to attend, it would be appreciated if you would register prior to that night. If you have any questions, please contact Christin Greenlee at


504s: (K-12)  An explanation of 504s, the process, and possible outcomes.  


Anxiety: (All grade levels)  Anxiety is one of the fastest growing mental illnesses but one of the easiest to treat without medication. You will gain an understanding of anxiety, signs and symptoms, and strategies to help reduce it.  


Assistive Technology: (K-12)  What is assistive technology?  How can it help my child? You will see examples of apps and devices that could benefit your child.


Current Teen Trends: (5-12)  Information on current teen trends such as: JUULs, ecigs, Boulders.


Discipline/Appropriate consequences at home:  (PreK-5)  A discussion on how to provide effective discipline and consequences for children at home.  


Early Childhood Programming: (Pre-K-K) A description of our early childhood programs, how students qualify, and the differences between the programs.


IEPs: (All grade levels) An explanation of the referral process, the evaluation, and the IEP.


Speech and Language Basics: (K-12) Explanation of the various aspects of communication and the Speech-Language Pathologist’s role in developing or remediating them.


STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics): (PreK-5)A description of STEM and its importance and easy ways to implement STEM at home.  There will also be items on display that is used for STEM (i.e. books, robots, games, etc).


Title I: (K-5) Description of Title I reading and math services at the elementary level.  Also, an explanation of how students qualify for these services and what those services may look like throughout the buildings.  


Trauma:  (All grade levels)  An explanation on what trauma is and how it affects us as adults and how it affects our children at school and home. Strategies to help at home will also be discussed.


Understanding Giftedness: (K-12)  Understanding the traits and characteristics of giftedness, including perfectionism, under-performance, and intensities.


What is the Missouri Assessment Program?: (3-12)   An explanation of the changes in and functions of state assessments for students and schools.  The audience will see examples of elementary, middle and high school questions from the Grade Level Assessment (grades 3 – 8) and the End-of-Course exams (high school).


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