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FEMA Disaster Assistance

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has approved Missouri’s request to expand federal disaster relief for recent flooding and severe storms to six additional counties, including Jefferson County.

Please see this flyer on how to register.

Points of information for interaction with FEMA:

Anyone with flood, or wind, damage should register. It is better to register with FEMA and not need us than it is to not register and find out, later, that you should have. Every household is determined independently and what you may receive, in the way of assistance, does not influence what anyone else around you receives.

Renters can register for personal property loss.

The registration period ends on 9 September 2019.

If someone was unable to work, due to disaster related issues, they may want to register for Disaster Unemployment Assistance (DUA). The open period expires 5 September 2019. This program is administered through the State Unemployment Office, but it is a separate program.

Any insurance coverage needs to be settled before FEMA assistance is a possibility. Survivors can register immediately (recommended) but need to submit a letter outlining coverage for this disaster, from their insurance company. Because of this, some will get a letter from FEMA stating that they have been denied assistance. They should read the entire document because it will state the reason for the (usually temporary) denial.

If someone receives an application packet they should fill it out and return it. It is a step in the process; not necessarily an attempt to give them a loan. Even if they do qualify for a loan; they do not have to take it. If this paperwork is not filled out; pretty much everything FEMA stops.


For more information, please see this news article: