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Freshman 101



If you are here, I would assume you are going to be joining me for Freshman 101(Monday-Tuesday) for the Fall semester of 2020. This class will be held in 7th Hour.  The code for that is puyzzdp . That is where you will find daily (M/T ) class postings.

When you visit our Google Classroom, you will see an “I Can” statement,  Journal, and Agenda each Monday and Tuesday. The “I can” statement is what i hope for you to schieve from you lesson in F101 that day. The Journal is a 3-5 sentence response to a posed prompt. These will be worth 5 points per day. You will have journals at least 4 days a week. Please keep these in a running GoogleDoc.  When they are due I will post the assignment on our Classroom and you will simply attach it. We will have no handed out or in work this semester. The “Agenda” is just that. It will give you an order in which the days tasks should be completed. Journals will almost alwasy be #1.

I am currenlty working on having Unit packets/workbooks printed for students. This would include all Unit work in one space for you. It will include your notes, vocabulary terms, study guide, miscellanous assignments, and any lab information. When work is to be submitted, it can be done by photographing, scanning, or showing to me in person. No physical work will actually be collected.

F101 Syllabus

Below you will find the link for our class syllabus. This is also avaliable for you on GC. Please make sure to read and “sign” your name to the link in which it is posted.