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* Missouri Options Program


Windsor C-1 School District

The Windsor C-1 School District Missouri Options program offers individuals the unique opportunity to receive both online instruction and one-to-one tutoring by Windsor High School faculty members.  For those students who comply with the stipulations set forth for achievement, attendance, and conduct and who successfully pass the HISET exam, a Windsor High School diploma will be awarded.  Missouri Options graduates will not participate in the annual district graduation ceremony but will have their separate graduation ceremony.  Students cannot participate in this ceremony and/or receive their diploma prior to their original graduation date.

In addition, Missouri Options students will not participate in school activities.

HISET Option students are not eligible to take part in extracurricular activities under the rules of the Missouri State High School Activities Association (MSHSAA).  In most cases, students who are eligible for the HISET Option program would not have earned enough credits to maintain academic eligibility.

(Retrieved from  1/20/05)

The program is housed in a state-of-the-art computer lab and is one of over 200 such programs offered across the state of Missouri.  The curriculum for this program is prescriptive for each individual, requiring testing and placement.  Each individual’s learning program is, therefore, unique to his/her needs.  Successful completion, in large measure, is determined by the individual’s motivation and self-direction.

Students in the Missouri Options program are held to the same code of conduct as stipulated in the Windsor Student Handbook.  Because of the nature of the class, additional regulations are necessary.  These regulations follow:

  1. School attendance is expected daily, Monday through Thursday, from 2:45 p.m. to 6:15 p.m. Missouri Options will not be held on days that regular classes are not in session.  Please refer to the school calendar that was in your packet.  In addition, in the event of inclement weather, students are advised to consult the following:

Television                              Radio


KSD—Channel 5                KMOX 1120 AM

KMOV—Channel 4             KTJJ 98.5 FM

FOX—Channel 2                 KTFF 1400 AM

  1. Any student absent 10 days per semester will be removed from the program. You are expected to be in the room by 3:00 Monday-Thursday of each week that we are in school.  You will be counted as tardy if you arrive between 3:00 and 3:30.  On the 3rd tardy, you will receive 1 day absent towards your attendance.  You will not be allowed to attend school if you can’t arrive by 3:30.  Students who are absent need to contact an instructor on the day of the absence; students may call the following number and leave a message, 636-464-4466.
  1. The following procedure will be followed concerning attendance: A parent will be contacted on each absence, after 3 absences Mrs. Navratil will have a conference with the student, after 5 absences an administrator will have a conference with the student, after 7 absences an administrator and Mrs. Navratil will have a conference with the student and a letter will be sent to a parent, after 10 absences the student will be removed from the program.
  1. Students are expected to be here until 6:15 each night. If a student leaves between 5:45 and 6:15, the student will be given a tardy.  If a student leaves earlier than 5:45, the student will be counted as absent for the day.  Students are expected to make all appointments before or after school hours.
  1. Students will abide by all of the rules and regulations of the Windsor C-1 School District, including the dress code. No cell phones will be allowed during the MOP instructional time.  Students will give the instructor his/her cell phone as soon as the student arrives in the room.  The cell phone will be locked in a cabinet and the cell phone will be returned to the student before he/she leaves for the day.  The students will be allowed to receive calls from parents on the school phone in our office.  The phone number is 636‑464‑4466.
  1. Students will be allowed a break to use the restroom or to go to the snack machine. One student will be allowed to leave the room at a time.  A timer will be set for 10 minutes when you leave the room and if you are gone for more than ten minutes, you will be asked to leave for the day.  You will be counted absent for that day.  Students may bring snacks and drinks as a formal lunch/supper period is not provided in the schedule.
  1. Students are enrolled in ONLINE courses. Students are to remain on the instructional sites while using the Internet.  Surfing to non-approved sites can result in removal from the program.  Students who fail to stay on task or are disrespectful to the staff or others will be immediately sent home.  If a student is sent home for any infraction, the student forfeits the attendance hours for that day.
  1. Discipline issues are resolved by the following system. The first infraction results in a one day suspension.  The second infraction results in a three day suspension and a conference with the building principal.  A third infraction will result in termination from the program.  Please be advised that an infraction that would normally result in suspension, i.e., open defiance, drugs, fighting, etc., may result in immediate dismissal from the program.


  1. Windsor C-1 School District will pay the fee for HISET Online for students enrolled in the Missouri Options Program; in addition, the Windsor C-1 School District will, after recommending the student for examination, pay the fee for the HISET test. This will apply to the first attempt at testing only.
  1. Students must have .5 credits in the following subjects: personal finance, health, American Government and pass both the Missouri Constitution and U.S. Constitution tests.
  1. Students will be expected to score at 80% or better on all classroom assignments and tests before being recommended for testing.
  1. Students will be expected to successfully complete 9 essays.
  1. Students must maintain employment of at least 20 hours a week for a semester. Students who are not employed will be required to successfully complete (during his/her MOP enrollment period) two courses approved by the building principal (.5 credit each) and complete 20 hours of additional coursework a week.  Any student who is terminated, laid off, or quits employment during his/her enrollment period in MOP, will be required to fulfill 360 hours of employment to receive the 1 hour credit prior to the issuance of the diploma.  Any student who does not re-establish employment to fulfill this requirement will need to enroll and successfully complete the courses prior to the granting of the diploma.  No partial credit for work hours completed will be granted; either the student fulfills 360 work hours or the student must successfully complete 1 full credit of approved courses and complete 20 additional hours of coursework a week.
  1. Students who fail to follow the directives of the program as outlined by the Windsor C-1 School District Administration or its instructors are subject to removal from the program.

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