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Philosophy and Rationale

The philosophy of the Windsor C-1 School District Gifted Education Program focuses on the District Mission Statement in that the Gifted Education Program provides a supportive, personalized environment to inspire all students to develop a vision within themselves to grow strong intellectually, emotionally, and socially today in preparation for becoming a contributing member of our society tomorrow.

The Windsor C-1 School District is committed to an educational program that recognizes the unique value, needs, and talents of each individual student and recognizes that the cognitive and affective needs of our gifted students can best be met through a differentiated learning environment which allows opportunities to grow and learn at a pace and depth that fulfills their individual needs. Gifted students have special needs, which include having an advanced knowledge, talents, and learning capacity. The O.W.L. gifted education program is designed to motivate and challenge identified gifted students through a pull-out mode of enrichment. Curriculum and services are centered around a variety of interdisciplinary activities that challenge gifted students in the areas of gathering, analyzing and applying information; communicating effectively; analyzing problems and applying appropriate problem solving strategies; thinking critically; working responsibly; applying and analyzing research skills; and thinking affectively.

The O.W.L. program provides an atmosphere that is appropriate for nurturing the full potential of gifted students. This is a unique environment, necessary for gifted students to explore themselves by means of personal development, risk-taking in new areas of thought and action, and pursuit of independent study. Gifted students should also be challenged in their regular classrooms by teachers who know their individual needs, see their unique abilities, and offer an enrichment of the regular curriculum.

The Windsor C-1 School District Gifted Program, O.W.L., provides guidance and support to identified gifted students as they progress through the Windsor C-1 School District program of education. O.W.L. serves as a support system aiding gifted students to cope with life situations and offering modifications to curriculum, extended challenges, and enriching experiences emphasizing problem solving, divergent and higher-order critical thinking skills, and logic. The ultimate aim of the O.W.L. program is to help gifted students become autonomous learners with a lifelong desire to achieve their full potential and guide them in becoming productive contributors to society.