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Screening and Placement Policies

Students may be recommended for screening for the Windsor C-1 School District’s Gifted Program the first two weeks of the 3rd quarter, unless the student is transferring from a state funded gifted program to the Windsor C-1 School District. Transfer student’s records and prior program qualifications will be analyzed for admittance in our program. If a child has already begun the testing process at the school from which he/she is transferring, the testing for qualifications into the Gifted Program will continue.

Parents of an elementary student should consult with the child’s teacher to determine if the child is a candidate for the screening process. Parent recommendation form may be downloaded from the O.W.L. Parent’s Portal page and submitted to the classroom teacher. The parent recommendation form will be compared and analyzed for screening. A collaborative effort is an essential component of this process; however, the teacher will make the official decision and submit both recommendations of the student for the Gifted Program.