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O.W.L. Goals and Strategies

Gifted students receive instruction that is differentiated in content, process, product, learning environment, and assessment.

Creative and Productive Thinking. Students will study techniques that help in the search for innovative solutions. They will develop unique and refined conceptualized ideas.

Problem Solving. Students will learn strategies for rational decision making and apply them to problems and issues in today’s world.

Critical Thinking Skills . Students will make connections between present knowledge and new information derived from varied materials, media, and environments. They will identify premises, analyze relationships, and validate conclusions.

Communication . Students will use communication to construct knowledge through a variety of sources.

Research . Students will make effective decisions about the identification, implementation, and presentation of ideas.

Personal Development. Students will recognize their strengths, needs, and individuality, and develop skills to achieve their potential while making meaningful contributions to society.


These goals will be accomplished through two facets: the learning environment and instructional strategies.

Learning environment:

  • is student centered
  • encourages independent research
  • promotes personal goal setting
  • is multi-disciplinary and multi-sensory
  • is intellectually challenging
  • provides a variety of hands-on learning experiences
  • promotes equity awareness
  • enhances workplace readiness skills

The instructional strategies:

  • are differentiated to address student needs
  • emphasize higher level thinking
  • implement interdisciplinary culminating projects
  • are investigatory and experimental
  • allow for diverse learning styles and divergent products
  • provide a variety of independent, small, and whole group learning experiences
  • incorporate technology