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Math Weekly Reviews

On Friday your child will be given a Math Weekly Review. It will be due on the following Friday.

The pages will relate to concepts taught in class.


Daily Math Homework

  • Homework/Practice will be given every night from the workbook.
  • Students should keep their workbook in their math workbook bags.
  • Take bags to math everyday and take home each night.
  • Keep all pages inside workbook—Please do not tear out pages.
  • The workbooks are in my room; I will explain them to your kids the first week.
  • I will check completion of homework by stamping and reviewing in class daily.

Math Texts:

Students will use a class set of textbooks—they will not need to bring their own textbook to math class.

Students will only need to use their textbooks occasionally. They may need to study for a test or have parents review what they have done in class. Students should take their book home and return it when finished. They will be responsible for their missing and damaged books.

If the student takes their textbook home it must be put inside their math workbook bag (plastic bag).

What to bring to Math:

  • Always bring their math workbook bag (plastic bag). This bag will always hold their math workbooks, and occasionally their textbooks.
  • Bring necessary supplies–math journal, pencils, math folder–inside of binder}

Math Journal:

  • Students will be using a 1-subject notebook as a math journal.
  • Journals will be used for important vocabulary, mental math, computation, and model problem solving.

What goes in the Math Folder:

  • Keep Study Guides, Weekly Reviews, and other classwork inside math folder.