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May this portal provide insight and resources along your journey in life with your gifted child.

Parenting Gifted Children

“Parenting a gifted child is like living in a theme park of full thrill rides. Sometimes you smile. Sometimes you gasp. Sometimes you scream. Sometimes you laugh. Sometimes you gaze in wonder and astonishment. Sometimes you’re frozen in your seat. Sometimes you’re proud. And sometimes, the ride is so nerve-wracking, you can’t do anything but cry.”
– Carol Strip & Gretchen Hirsh, in Webb, Gore, Amend, & DeVries, A Parent’s Guide to Gifted Children

Research-based Resources

The following are links to websites that provide the latest information, literature, and networking for parents of gifted children:

Gifted Association of Missouri
The National Association for Gifted Children
St. Louis Association for Gifted Education
Missouri Fine Arts Academy

Other web resources for parents include:
Hoagies’ Gifted for parents
Child Development

Supporting Emotional Needs of the Gifted (SENG)
SENG’s mission is to “empower families and communities to guide gifted and talented individuals to reach their goals: intellectually, physically, emotionally, socially and spiritually.” Their website provides research, programs and articles to support parents of gifted children.


Articles about gifted for parents

Parenting for High Potential Newsletter                                                                                                                                                                Check out the article “How to Start the School Year on a Positive Note with your Gifted Child’s Teacher” written by Dr. Dina Brulles and Karen Brown.

REFERENCE: Kingore, B. (2004). Differentiation: Simplified, Realistic, and Effective Austin: Professional Associates Publishing. •• A three-way comparison of a high achiever, a gifted learner, and a creative thinker is proposed for you to ponder and discuss.

Parenting Emotionally Intense Gifted Children

Perfectionism and the Gifted Adolescent
Recognizing and Helping Gifted Adolescents Deal with their Perfectionistic Tendencies
by Mary Codd

The Emotional Journey of the Gifted and Talented Adolescent Female:
Suzanne Blakeley

Dina Brulles, Ph.D.

Book Recommendations:

A Parent's Guide to Gifted Children A Parent’s Guide to Gifted Children
James T. Webb, Janet L. Gore, Edward R. AmendFamily & Relationships – 2007 – 390 pages
Sometimes the most helpful advice comes from other parents of gifted children.
Helping gifted children soar: a practical guide for parents and teachers Helping gifted children soar: a practical guide for parents and teachers
Carol Ann Strip, Gretchen HirschEducation – 2000 – 270 pages
The information and useful advice provided make this book an ideal resource both for those just starting out in the gifted field and parents of gifted children.
The Survival Guide for Parents of Gifted Kids: How to Understand, Live With ... The Survival Guide for Parents of Gifted Kids: How to Understand, Live With …
Sally Yahnke Walker, Caryn PernuFamily & Relationships – 2002 – 167 pages
Every parent of a gifted child has questions like these. Since 1991 when we published the original edition of this guide, parents have looked here for answers.
Gifted children: a guide for parents and professionals Gifted children: a guide for parents and professionals
Kate DistinEducation – 2006 – 271 pages
This excellent book, written by parents with first hand knowledge of living and working with gifted children, is an accessible and positive guide.

Parents are a source of recommendation for the O.W.L. program. The following link will allow parents to download the Parent Recommendation form. Please complete the form free of bias for best results. These results will be compared and accompanied with the classroom teacher’s recommendation form and analyzed for screening.

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