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Behavior Matrix



Revised 1-25-10

All Settings Classroom Bus Hallway Cafeteria Bathroom Playground
Be Safe Keep hands, feet, and all objects to self

Walk in building at all times

Maintain personal space Remain seated

Face forward

Walk on the right of the hallway

Use banisters on stairways

Once seated, stay seated Wash hands with soap and water

Keep water in the sink

Use approved equipment appropriately

Stay in approved areas

Be Respectful Use kind words

Follow adult directions immediately.

Be cooperative

Be a good listener Keep the bus clean Walk quietly so others can learn Eat only your food

Talk only to the people at your table.

Respect others’ privacy Use appropriate language

Share and cooperate with others

Be Responsible Use materials appropriately

Come prepared and ready to learn

Accept responsibility for your behavior.

Turn in assignments on time Take all of your belongings Return to class promptly Clean up after yourself

Eat promptly

Use materials appropriately Use kind words to solve problems