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Student Handbook




Classroom Connections:


Students will come to the OWLs classroom after morning work is done in the regular classroom.  If a student has late or missing assignments in the regular classroom, he/she will remain in the regular classroom and complete work to the satisfaction of the classroom teacher.  The classroom teacher will then dismiss the OWL student to join us for the remainder of the day.




 If an OWL receives a grade of D or F in any subject area on the quarterly report card, that student will be suspended from the OWL program until a grade of C or higher is earned in this subject.  The student will have a six-week probationary period in which to raise the grade.  If there is no improvement by the end of the six weeks, the student will be dismissed from the OWL program until a consistent passing grade of “C” is maintained for an entire quarter.




If the behavior of an OWL student results in ISS or OSS at any time during the week, the OWL student will forfeit the opportunity to participate in OWLs that week.  OWLs are expected to maintain a code of conduct conducive to learning in all areas.  An OWL is expected to follow the policy of our PBS guidelines: be safe, be respectful, be responsible.


Students are not responsible for any work done in the regular classroom on their day of OWLs.  If new concepts are introduced, the classroom teacher will provide direct instruction to OWL students on these concepts.  Proof of mastery may be needed in order to assess the OWL student.   This should be done in the classroom at an arranged time.



Morning Routines: 

                   Come in quietly

                   Get a “My Day At OWLs” sheet

                   Get your portfolio

                   Fill out Agenda

                   Answer “Q.O.D.” Question of the Day

                   Set Goal for the day


End of the Day Routines:

                   Clean up work area

                   Log off computers

                   Fill out “What I accomplished” on “My Day At OWLs”

                   Check with OWL teacher for signature

                   Put away portfolios

                   Return to regular classroom when dismissed

OWL students are responsible for obtaining a teacher signature and parent signature on their “My Day At OWLs” form.  This is a form of communication about what was planned and what was accomplished.  If the student brings their signed form back the following week, he/she gets a reward.  If all OWLs bring the signed form back the following week, they get 2 rewards.  If an OWL does not bring the signed form back, a tally mark will placed by his/her name.  After 5 tally marks, the student must bring his/her planner to class and the form will be stapled to the planner until a plan is in place for responsible behavior.

Morning Affective Activity:

Our affective activities relate to ourselves and the world around us. Gifted students have unique social and emotional needs. We address these needs each morning to start off our day. It is important that your child is in a homogeneous environment so that these needs may be effectively dealt with by empathetic peers. Five gifted strands of competencies required by the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education include the following:

  • Develop an understanding of self in relationship to their and others’ perceptions of giftedness
  • Identify with others’ situation, feelings, or motives (empathy).
  • Demonstrate task commitment to projects and activities (persistence)
  • Become masters of their own learning (intrinsic motivation)
  • Develop communication, self-control, and interpersonal skills to enhance relationships with their peers and adults (social competency)


Students will leave/enter the OWLs room quietly and respectfully so as not to disrupt others working.

Students will go to daily specials with their regular classroom.  They will go to and from the OWLs room to their specials safely and responsibly. If a problem arises with behavior, the student will be escorted to and from specials until safety and responsibility is shown.


Students will have an arranged time for lunches that may be different than their regular classroom lunch.  They will be escorted to the lunch room by the OWL teacher in an orderly manner obeying our hall rules of single file quiet voices.  After lunch/recess, the students will notify classroom teachers of returning to the OWL room.


STEM (Science Technology Engineering Math) projects will be done throughout the year.  The students will work in small groups or whole groups to complete the projects.  The integration of STEM projects lead all students in creativity, critical thinking, problem solving, and ingenuity.

Individual Projects:
Individual projects of interest are carried out throughout the year.  These can be in the form of investigative studies, creative writing/drama, inventions/designs, compositions, etc… These projects are specific to each child with study plans of actions as a mean of guided progress

Code of Conduct

Be prepared for learning.

  • follow instructions
  • pay attention
  • enter and exit without disruption
  • ask permission when applicable
  • keep the room clean and organized
  • use technology appropriately

Act with personal and academic integrity.

  • be honest
  • be helpful
  • failure is inevitable, learn from it
  • show your effort
  • complete work on time
  • stay organized
  • inquire during difficulty

Be respectful of yourself and of others’ feelings, opinions, beliefs and property.

  • keep hands, feet and other objects to yourself
  • have good manners
  • be confident
  • provide and accept constructive criticism
  • seek to understand
  • agree to disagree

Be productive as an individual and as a member of society.

  • no excuses
  • share during discussion
  • stay on task
  • work together
  • help those who help themselves
  • work to become autonomous




Signature Page

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I have read and acknowledge the role and responsibilities of being an OWL student in the Windsor Elementary Gifted Program.  I have shared this handbook with my teacher and my parents.  I will do my very best always and strive to be a good role model to others.  I will be the master of my learning.



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