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Reading Counts

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Scholastic Reading Counts

In fourth grade, we use our school computers to take Reading Counts quizzes for our book reports. Students will read Reading Counts books on the level determined by their reading teacher. Reading Counts books can be found in the school library and in the teacher’s classroom. They are labeled with a colored sticker to help the students select the appropriate book.

• A Reading Counts quiz must be taken during the two week window.
• If a student reads more than one book on his/her assigned level during the two weeks, the highest score will be used.
• If a student does not have an on level book quiz taken by the due date, they will receive a late slip.
• BAG BOOKS are not counted as a Reading Counts book report. BAG BOOKS are a separate reading assignment/grade.
• The computer will not allow students to take quizzes on books they have taken during previous school years.


Quarter 1

8/14 -9/11   Fiction Chapter Book  

9/12-9/25 Nonfiction  

9/26-10/9 Fiction Chapter Book


Quarter 2

10/10-10/23 Nonfiction  

10/24-11/6 Fiction Chapter Book  

11/7-11/20   Nonfiction  

11/21-12/11   Biography Chapter Book  


Quarter 3

1/7 -1/22   Fiction Chapter Book

1/23-2/5 Nonfiction

2/6-2/19   Fiction Chapter Book

2/20-3/4 Nonfiction


Quarter 4

3/5-3/18   Fiction Chapter Book

3/19-4/1 Nonfiction

4/2-4/15   Biography Chapter Book

4/16-4/29 Fiction Chapter Book