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3rd Grade Emotional Health Study Guide



3rd Grade Emotional Health Study Guide



  1. When you have good relationships with your family and friends, it makes you __________.
  2. feel good about yourself
  3. make fewer friends
  4. argue with people
  5. feel bad about yourself


  1. When you make a mistake, you should __________.
  2. say mean things and walk away
  3. apologize and ask for forgiveness
  4. find a new friend
  5. never speak of it


  1. When friends want you to do something just because “everyone else is doing it,” they are using __________.
  2. peer example
  3. peer fun
  4. peer teasing
  5. peer pressure


  1. If you have compassion, you ____________.
  2. have a disease
  3. think only of yourself
  4. dislike most people
  5. can feel what others feel


  1. What is one way to be a good listener?
  2. Look the speaker in the eye.
  3. Notice people walking by.
  4. Watch television.
  5. Keep talking.


  1. Cyberbullying can happen through which of these?
  2. facebook
  3. texting
  4. email
  5. all of the above


Directions:  Write T or F to show if the statements are true or false.


  1. __________ Air, food, and clothes are wants.


  1. __________ Body language can show your feelings for others.


  1. __________ When you have self-control, you can control your unpleasant feelings.


  1. __________ A good friend keeps a secret, unless someone is in danger.


  1. __________ One way of letting go of unpleasant emotions is to forgive yourself or others for what happened.


  1. __________ When you are responsible, people cannot count on you.


  1. __________ If you witness bullying, you should not tell a trusted adult.



  1. List 4 ways to handle stress or anger.







  1. List 3 examples of bullying or cyberbullying.