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Homework, Reading Counts, Late Work, Grading Policy


Homework will be minimal if you use time wisely.  Generally, homework will be classwork you have not finished or reading assignments.  You are responsible for completing the work so that you are prepared for class activities.  

Reading Counts is ongoing homework. You are required to earn 25 points per quarter. The points will be a part of each quarter’s  grade. Class reading selections may be used toward Reading Counts points, but it is your responsibility to take the tests on a computer through the Reading Counts program.

Make-Up Work

If you are absent, check the “Daily Work” file and the “Return Work” folder in the front of the class. You may stop by at 7:15 a.m. or ask for an advisory pass to receive instructions and help. You are responsible for picking up and turning in work. Students or parents may e-mail a request for work, but please be sure to send the request before 1pm to allow time for work to be gathered.

Late Work

Because the intent of all assigned work is for you to practice skills, late work will be accepted.  Assignments that are not turned in will receive a grade of zero in the grade book and will remain a zero until the assignment is received. The late work deadline is at the time of the summative for the unit. No late work will be accepted during the last week of the quarter.

Grading Policy

Grades will be determined according to the following:

-Summative tests and major projects and papers will be worth 75% of a student’s grade.

-Classwork, comprehension checks, and homework will be worth 25%.

-Semester Finals will be worth 10% of the entire semester grade.

-No extra credit will be given.


Grade Scale

93-100      A 80-82        B- 67-69        D+
90-92        A- 77-79        C+ 63-66        D
87-89        B+ 73-76        C 60-62        D-
83-86        B 70-72        C- 59 or less   F