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Desktop Publications – Yearbook

What we will learn in Desktop Publications Yearbook:

  • Help produce the school yearbook.
  • Students will take pictures at school events both during school hours and after school.
  • Edit yearbook to minimize number of errors in final product.
  • Different types of photographs that are sometimes used in desktop publications.
  • Create 6 word stories based on photographs the students take
  • Additional learning goals/objectives may be added throughout the year.

Class expectations:

  • Use time wisely!  Students will have several assignments given at the same time, students must learn to prioritize work in order to get everything done by the due date.
  • Turn in work on time.  I view due dates as deadlines, I often tell students that if this was the real world and you missed a deadline it could cause major problems with your publisher, readers and may end up costing you your job.
  • Late work in general will not be accepted; again deadlines are important in the publications business.
  • Students are responsible of all personal electronic devices that are used for class purposes.
  • Treat the equipment in class with respect, you will be responsible for any damage to  equipment (this includes the classes digital cameras).
  • Treat everyone with respect and follow school and class rules at all times.
  • No outside email (this is school policy).
  • Do not purposefully access any inappropriate websites.
  • When working in groups everyone should put an equal effort into the work.
  • Log off computers, students will be using a Yearbook class specific sign in, if a student doesn’t log off, the next student can delete all items from the yearbook drive.

What about grading?

On occasion grades will be entered into SIS before the assignment is actually due. Students will be working on several assignments at once, putting in grades before they are due will help students and parents see student progress on assignments as well as show how completing/not completing an assignment will affect their grades. I usually put a note in SIS so parents know that the grade is not a final grade for the assignment.

Summative redo policy:

Students can re-take any summative they wish to, with a limit of two (2) re-takes per semester.  The higher of the two scores will be recorded.  Students will be given additional materials/remediation on concepts they struggled with, this could include additional discussions with teacher, peers or small groups.

How can I earn a passing grade?

  • Turn in all your assignments, remember even if an assignment is only ½ complete by the due date 50% credit is better than no credit.
  • If you don’t understand something ask me well ahead of the assignments due date.
  • Ask questions, ask questions, ask questions and if you still don’t understand… ask more questions!
  • See me if you need extra help or don’t understand something
  • Use your peers as a resource, if I’m helping someone else ask your neighbor they may know the answer!

If you have any questions, concerns or want to tell me something about yourself/your child that you think will help you/them succeed please don’t hesitate to contact me.