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Computer Skills

What we will learn in Computer Skills:

  • Proper typing techniques.
  • Using Google tools to create assignments/projects
  • How to create a Power Point presentation
  • How to add pictures and music to Power Point
  • Misc. computer “stuff”

Class expectations:

  • Turn in work on time; try to complete 2 typing units every 4 days.
  • Use proper techniques, I promise you will get faster!
  • Planners will be needed to leave the room
  • No electronic devices can be used in class, a digital camera (not on an iPod or phone, etc) can be brought to school but you are responsible for it.
  • Treat the equipment in class with respect, you will be responsible for any damage to equipment.
  • Treat everyone with respect and follow school and class rules at all times.
  • No outside email, this is school policy.
  • Do not purposefully access any inappropriate websites.
  • Log off your computers, this year students will be using their own log in accounts, if a student doesn’t log off, the next student can delete all their items from their account.

Can assignments be done at home?

In general assignments need to be completed in class.  Students will be using some software that is not available (in general) at home, ample time will be given to students to complete all assignments in class.

What about grading?

Students in Computer Lit. can work at their own pace to a certain degree, I will put “0”s in the grade book on past due units, but those grades will change when the unit is completed.  Putting in grades will help students and parents see student progress on assignments as well as show how completing/not completing an assignment will affect their grades. I usually put a note in SIS so parents know that the grade is not a final grade for the assignment.

Summative redo policy:

Students can re-take any summative they wish to, with a limit of two (2) re-takes per semester.  The higher of the two scores will be recorded.  Power Point presentations and Technique observations will be graded as Summatives.  Students will be given additional materials/remediation on concepts they struggled with, this could include additional discussions with teacher, peers or small groups.

How can I earn a passing grade?

  • Learn and use proper typing techniques!
  • Turn in all your assignments; remember even if an assignment is only ½ complete 50% credit is better than no credit.
  • If you don’t understand something ask me.
  • Ask questions, ask questions, ask questions and if you still don’t understand… ask more questions!
  • See me if you need extra help or don’t understand something.
  • Come down in the morning to help catch up on missing work (please only come down to work, anyone not working will be sent back upstairs).
  • Use your peers as a resource, if I’m helping someone else ask your neighbor they may know the answer!


If you have any questions, concerns or want to tell me something about yourself/your child that you think will help you/them succeed please don’t hesitate to contact me.