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Make Middle School Count

Why Middle School is Important…..
Let’s face it……life is not as easy as it once was! If you are “old school”, you can remember the time when going to school took up nine months of your year. Some of us where dedicated and worked diligently to get the best grades we could. Some of us did the bare minimum just to graduate high school. However, those times are long gone and our students face more educational demands than some of us “old schoolers”.

Once students hit those high school doors, there are course requirements and credits to graduate. There is the pressure to start making choices about ones future. Do I go to college? Do I go to trade school? What am I going to do with my life? Will I graduate on time?

Then there is outside school. Sports, clubs and organizations to participate in, and maybe even a part time job. And thanks to advances in technology, students are being influenced and exposed to more things now than we ever were.

All this can be OVERWHELMING!

Middle school is the time for students to not only learn, but focus on creating good skills and explore their own potential before going to high school.

Academic, Personal and Social Skills to Develop in Middle School

Thinking CapResponsibility

Identify strengths and weaknesses

Study Skills

Time Management

Organizational Skills

Set Goals

Note Taking Skills