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Working TogetherOne beauty of middle school is saying good bye to being with the same students in the same class all day. But with the changes of classrooms comes the changes of personalities, backgrounds and dynamics, and we must respect every persons differences.Bullying and harassment has existed since the beginning of time. It occurs everywhere and to all walks of life. However, that does not mean we should support bullying and harassment. Local and national laws are being developed and carried out to battle this ongoing problem. Be familiar with Windsors board policy on bullying.Cyber bullying is a new state anti-bullying mandate that has recently been implemented into all Missouri school board policies.


We MUST treat EVERYONE with respect and fairness!
Peers, Teachers, Staff, Administrators, YOURSELF

If you or someone you know is being bullied it is important that you REPORT it to your principal, counselor, teacher, parent or school resource officer. Let an adult respond to the situation.

The only way we can prevent bullying and harassment is stopping it dead in its tracks!

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Windsor School District Bully Hotline: 1-866-346-2654
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Missouri School Violence Hotline

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