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Assignment Assistance – 7th Grade

Power and Work Calculations


Power = Work/time

Work = Force x distance

Force = mass x acceleration

acceleration due to gravity = 9.8 m/s2

Many of the problems on this worksheet require foundation calculations to be solved before being able to solve for the unknown quantity asked for in the problem. 

The key is:  As long as you have two known quantities, you can solve for the third. 

Solving for the third simply means isolating the variable being solved for on one side of the equal sign through a series of multiplication &/or division.

Remember that all answers must contain the appropriate system unit.

Power – watts (w)

Work – joules (J)

Force – Newtons (N)

Acceleration – metes per second per second (m/s2 or m/s/s)

Time – seconds (s)

Mass – kilogram (kg)

distance – meters (m)

All answers must be rounded to the hundredth place (two spaces behind decimal) and include not “repeating” symbol.

I have attached to page that was assigned today, October 28.  Students were given approximately 2/3 of today’s class period to work and ask questions.

work and power calculations