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Guidelines for Spanish I and II

Guidelines for Middle School Spanish

This class will be taught using TPRS, which stands for Total Physical Response Storytelling. This is a method that acknowledges the distinction between “learning” and “acquiring” a second language. You will acquire Spanish much in the same way that you acquired English by listening, repeating, and speaking Spanish. The focus will be on fluency in Spanish rather than grammatical knowledge about the Spanish language.

Class Rules:

  1. Be responsible: bring all supplies to class, raise your hand when you need help or when you need to leave your seat, and participate completely and positively.
  2. Be respectful: be on time, follow directions the first time they are given, be kind to others, and treat property with care.
  3. Be safe: only clear water may be consumed, and KHFOOTY (keep hands, feet, and other objects to yourself).

The middle school behavior matrix and discipline policy will be followed. The behavior matrix and discipline policy are in the student planner.


  1. A warning will be given for the first infraction.
  2. The student and teacher will discuss the behavior and a refocus form will be completed by the student for the second infraction.
  3. Call or email to parents for the third infraction.
  4. Office referral.

Severe clause: Any severe infraction will result in the student being sent to the office immediately

Good attendance is essential to your success since the majority of the work will be done in class. You will acquire fluency by using the language while interacting with the teacher and other classmates, and physical responses that cannot be duplicated or made up if you are absent. You must be present and participate fully in the class in order to receive the information. There is no textbook for you to take home to study. If you are absent, it is your responsibility to ask about what you missed and pick up any worksheets. You will have one day for each day absent to complete the make up work.


Since we do not have a textbook, you will need a folder with pockets or a three-ring binder so that you can keep notes or handouts for this class in an organized manner. This will be your only source of reference or review for this class. Your binder/folder will be checked at the end of each quarter and you will receive a grade for having the required items in your folder.

Student planners

Students must bring planners to class each day. Students will write down what we do every day and what the homework is. They will also write dates of upcoming tests.

The planner is also required if the student needs to leave the room for any reason. Students will receive two bathroom passes. If the student needs to use the restroom, they must turn in one of their passes.


Your grade will be determined as follows:

75% End of the unit summative assessments and performance events, which may include projects or presentations.

25% Homework, class work and quizzes. Late homework will receive partial credit. If work is one day late, students will receive 25% off. If work is two days late, students will receive 50% off. Work will not be accepted for credit if it is more than two days late.

Summative assessments may be retaken. Students may only retake 2 summatives per semester. In order to retake a summative, students will have to complete a summative retake application form. The summative must be retaken within one week of the original summative being returned to the class.