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Spanish II Course Description

Middle School Spanish II

Course Summary

Spanish II is a continuation of Spanish I and is taught using a method called TPR-S (total physical response + storytelling). With TPR-S the majority of the learning/acquisition occurs in class through constant interaction with the teacher and classmates, which cannot be duplicated at home. With TPR-S there is no textbook, and most work is done in class. Because of this, good attendance is very important.

After a brief initial review of vocabulary, students will focus on storytelling. Some of the stories are rather bizarre-the philosophy being that the stranger the story, the easier it will be to remember. (It really does work!) Each chapter is built around a main story, and students will acquire high frequency vocabulary by means of gestures, physical responses, and storytelling. Each day for the first half of the chapter, students practice new vocabulary, listen to and act out a new story, then retell that story in Spanish to a partner or to the class. Each chapter all students must retell one story to the class for a grade. In the second half of the chapter students use the newly acquired vocabulary to read a main story and to create their own stories. Students are expected to keep vocabulary lists for each chapter and are tested after each main story.

Other activities throughout the year include songs, videos, cultural activities and the reading of a short “novel” in Spanish. Below is a basic time line for the course, but changes may be made as needed, if it is in the best interests of the students.

 Week 1 Review
 Weeks 2-3  The Lost Book story
 Weeks 4-6  The Clothing Store story
 Weeks 7-8  The Lottery Ticket story
 Weeks 9-10  The Dirty Baby story
 Weeks 11-12  Pobre Ana (a short novel)
 Weeks 12-15  The Three Elephants story
 Weeks 15-17  The Moon story

If you have any questions about the class procedures, requirements, or about your student’s progress in the class, please feel free to contact me. You can email me at or you can leave a voice mail message for me by calling 636-464-4401 and entering voice mailbox 5473.