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Middle School OWLs Classroom Expectations & Rules

The O.W.L. Students Strive to Meet Expectations:


  1. Always use good manners and treat people considerately.
  2. Leave the room as you found it (or better!).
  3. Be a good listener* and follow directions immediately.


  1. Always be prepared for class.
  2. Be on time and make good use of time.
  3. Make good choices. Take care of things and each other.
  4. Be honest and own the consequences of your actions.


  1. Keep your hands, feet, and other objects to yourself (KYHFOOTY!).
  2. Use objects the way they are meant to be used.
  3. Listen and follow directions immediately in an emergency.

* “Be a good listener” means you…

  • LOOK at the person who is talking (make eye contact!)
  • LISTEN to what the person is saying (keep your mouth and body quiet so your ears can hear!), and
  • THINK about what the person is saying (keep your brain focused and actively engaged!).