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Mrs. Fears’s Schedule (2017-2018)

Where in the (Windsor) World is Mrs. Fears?

7:25-7:40 (MS Advisory) –  Preparing for students in the Annex

7:44-8:29 (MS 1st Hour) – 7th/8th Grade O.W.L. Class in the Annex

8:33-9:18 (MS 2nd Hour) -O.W.L. lesson planning in the Annex

9:22-10:07 (MS 3rd Hour) –  6th Grade O.W.L. Class in the Annex

10:11-10:58 (HS 4th Period) – Language Therapy with Ms. Seiter’s Resource class in Room 234/238

10:58-11:27 (HS “Owl Time” – first lunch shift) – “O.W.L. Freshmen 101 on T/Th in Room 238; my lunch on M/W/F

11:27-11:56 (HS “Owl Time” – second lunch shift) – Gifted Upperclassmen drop-in on M/W/F in Room 238; my lunch on T/Th

11:59-12:46 (HS 5th Hour) – Speech-Language Therapy in Mrs. Shackelford’s ELA class (Room 122)

12:51-1:35 (HS 6th Hour) – Speech-Language Therapy in Room 238 and various locations of the HS

1:31-2:20 (HS 7th Hour/MS 8th Hour) – IEP/Evaluation Paperwork (will alternate between MS Annex and HS Room 238)