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7th/8th Grade Math Transitions Class



7th/8th Grade Math Transitions Class

8th Grade 3rd Hour 9:37-10:23 am

 7th Grade 7th Hour 1:34-2:20 pm

Mr. Brummer

Voice Mail 4904

Conference Period 2nd Hour 8:47-9:33 am



Course Description: This course is designed to educate students on pre-algebra math concepts that will help them become lifelong learners.


Course Objectives: This course will be divided into units and the components will be taught over the 36 week school year.

Students will demonstrate proficiency in the ability:

  • Make sense of problems
  • Solve real world and mathematical problems
  • Apply understanding of operations
  • Use properties of operations
  • Use numerical and algebraic equations
  • Understand connections between proportional releationships
  • Solve linear equations
  • Define, evaluate, and compare functions

Class Assignments will be done in class and will be subject to change when necessary. All practice to be done in class unless productive work habits of student are lacking then home practice will be assigned.


Materials: Pencil, notebook, and calculator


Classroom Rules  (1 Rule) Do not interfere with the learning process. 

You do this by:

Being Respectful


Being Responsible

and always follow the “Code of Conduct”


Consequences for Broken Rules:

  • First offence: Conference with student and verbal warning
  • Second offense: Phone Conference/contact with Parent
  • Third offense: Office Referral