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 Hi, I am Sharon Contini. 

I teach Course 1 – 6th grade math.

Your student and I will be spending a lot of time together during this 6th grade year and I am sure you would like to know a little bit about me.

I have been teaching 6th grade at Windsor for 17 years.  I have been married for 42 years and I have raised 3 sons.  Therefore, I understand, somewhat, the excitement and confusion when your child starts middle school. I love music of any kind, I love all forms of art, I love the Cardinals and  I LOVE teaching this age.  They grow up so much this year, academically, socially and physically. Please feel free to email me or phone me anytime you have questions or concerns or just want to talk!

I love to visit and get to know my students’ lives outside of their school world.

 phone number:  636-464-4417 ext. 4569


Be HONEST – always tell the truth

Be RESPONSIBLE – have your work and supplies ready at all times

Be POLITE – being kind in your words and actions



  25% of the total grade.

The students will have almost daily practice homework but there will be no grade given for the practice work.It is still vital that the students do at least half of the practice work in order to master the essential skills for each concept but they do not have to complete the practice work in order to get a grade over the concept represented.  Each day we will go over the practice work and the students are given time to get clarification about the work, if they had trouble.  The practice work is then put away and the students will be given a 4 question homework check.

 The questions will be EXACTLY the same problems from the practice work.

All the calculations must be present on the check in order to earn credit.

The daily checks are the grades that your child will receive.

In addition, because I want to encourage them to do the practice, there will be a 5 point bonus when the student brings in the finished practice sheet showing all the work.

The daily checks more accurately represent what the student has retained from the practice work.

When I enter the grades in the student logs I will  indicate if the practice work was incomplete or missing. If the grade on the check is high and they did not finish the practice work then they have proven they did not need to do more, but if the grade is low then they have proven that they should have finished the practice work to be more prepared.

Occasionally, I have an idependent assignment that is a a graded paper but the kids are told the day it is assigned.  Therefore this work must be presented to get the earned grade.

Math Counts

   The students are responsible for the following:

*Must complete two (2) Math Count exercises before a summative.

*Math exercises may be completed during school day or at home.

* Each math exercise is located through the online math textbook.

*The students will have one week to complete both exercises.

*The students may have two attempts for each exercise but the second

 attempt will be the final grade .

*The two exercises will be counted idividually as classroom grades. 



If your child is not present to take the daily check then the practice homework will be used as the grade.  The absent work must be turned in no later than one week from the day of absence to get full credit.  Anything turned in later than a week from the absence day will receive 20% off penalty.

 GRADES are calculated within District policies.

Concept Checks over practice Homework are 25% of student grade

Tests are 75% of the student grade

Grading scale:      100% -93%   A

                     92%  – 90%   A-                       76% – 73%  C  

                     89%  –  87%  B+                      72 % – 70% C-

                     86%  ­-  83%  B                         69% – 67%  D+

                     82%   – 80%  B-                       66%  –  63%  D   

                     79%  –  77%  C+                      62%  –  60%  D-

                     76%  –  73%  C                        Below 60%     F

        Math work must be done in pencil and show all the calculations.

Retake Policy:

Every student is allowed two retakes per semester in my class.  In order for a student to first qualify to retake a test, they must have scored below an 80% on a given summative.  Second, they must complete the given remediation to illustrate they have gained an understanding of the tested concepts. Third, they must retake within two weeks of the original test date.


The students will fill in the planners each Monday for the entire week of practice work.

I stamp each planner so that I can verify that the student has everything written down.



* Pencils ( 2 at all times, in case one breaks or gets lost) again….2 pencils at all times

* erasers (the ones on the end of the pencils are never enough)

* loose leaf paper (wide or college style)

* a composition bound notebook,  any color (NO SPIRALS or FLAT Glued)

* two dark dry erase markers 

* a Strong folder 

* a basic calculator (a dollar store one will do)

It is very helpful to have your own pencil sharpener

  AGAIN….The notebook must be a composition style