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August 2008

Science Supplies: On your child’s school supply list, the following items are required for Science class.

  • 1 Notebook (8.5 x 11 inches)
  • transparent tape, suggested not required
  • pencils – mechanical is most convenient, suggested, but not required
  • bound composition book

First day to use notebooks will be Monday, August 26.

*any family unable to locate notebook required, or time does not allow to return to store, please contact me via email and your student will be provided with a notebook.

Quality of work: In the working world of science, reliability and validity is based on the quality of the work presented; therefore I do not accept work of substandard quality.

  • scribbled, illegible writing
  • careless illustration
  • work with food or other stains
  • crumpled paperwork and projects
  • obvious lack of effort

acceptable and unacceptable examples will be provided when available.

Substandard work will require corrections and/or adjustment before evaluation

Pride in our accomplishments is an important aspect of being successful.

I am including tips I found for creating a study space to help with organization and time management for those students who have not yet developed those habits.

  1. Choose a relaxed & quiet space that is not too busy and free from heavy foot traffic.
  2. Your child’s study space should be private but not isolated. Choose a space where you can quietly check on your child without pulling his attention away from the task at hand.
  3. Make the space comfortable. Choose a “desk” with a large work surface and a comfy chair preferably on casters for easy movement. The space should have sufficient work lighting and plenty of storage for supplies and resources such as dictionaries and study guides.
  4. Personalize the space so it reflects your child’s taste & personality without being too distracting. Letting your child choose a favorite color should be enough.
  5. Add a large wall calendar to keep track of exam & project due dates.

Now is the perfect time to stock up on supplies that may be needed later on, report covers, construction paper, staplers, & any other needed items