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Mrs. Layton’s
7th Grade Geography
Classroom Information

Class Description:
The purpose of seventh grade geography class is to place the whole world at your fingertips. It takes you on fantastic voyages to faraway environments and exotic landscapes and introduces you to our planet’s kaleidoscope of peoples, cultures, and ways of life. To a great extent geography shapes history and current events. In our increasingly globalized and interconnected society, knowledge of geography is more important than ever to understanding the world and your place in it.

Grade Breakdown
25 % Assignments, class work, concept checks and quizzes
75 % Summative Assignments (projects, & tests)

Supplies Needed For My Class:
The following is a list of supplies you will need for my class.
– Composition Notebook
– (1) pocket folder for Geography OR section in your binder for Geography
– loose-leaf paper
– pencils/ blue or black pens
– color pencils
– black marker – very fine tip

Late Work Policy:
Work is expected to be completed in class. You will have the same number of days to turn in work as the number you were absent. Example: If absent two days, you will have two days to turn in your work. It is your responsibility to obtain the absent work from the teacher immediately upon your return or have your parents call the school requesting it and then return the work to your teacher.

Keeping Your Planner:
You will be required to use the assignment planner provided by the school in this class. Planner information/ assignments will be posted on the board weekly. You will be expected to copy this information into your planner weekly.

Classroom Rules:
1. Follow teacher directions the first time.
2. Be in your seat with required supplies before the bell rings.
3. Raise hand and wait for permission before speaking or leaving seat.
4. Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself.
5. Show respect to others.
~ 1st offense: Warning
~ 2nd offense: Remain 1 minute after the bell
~ 3rd offense: Remain 2 minutes after the bell
~4th offense: Office referral
~ Severe offense: Office referral

Redo Policy for Summative Assessments
1. Students who score less than a 70% will receive a Summative Retake Ticket.
2. All students scoring a 70% or below will receive remediation work that reinforces the concepts that the student had difficulty with on the test. Remedial work with parent signature (on retake ticket) needs to be turned in before summative can be retaken.
3. Any student scoring more than a 70% may retake the summative upon request. A maximum of TWO retakes will be allowed per semester for scores higher than a 70%.
4. The average of the two scores will be recorded as the grade.
5. No retakes will be allowed during the last week of the quarter.

Note To Parents:
My preparation period is: 4th hour.
I can be reached by email at:
**Please check your child’s grade weekly on SIS parent link.