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Behavior Matrix

Windsor Middle School Behavior Matrix

Classrooms & Library Restrooms Outside Gym & Cafeteria Halls & Stairs All Areas

Be Responsible

  1. Bring a pencil, paper, and all supplies required for class.
  2. Remain on task.

  3. All work should be legible and complete.
  4. The only electronic devices to be used are calculators or teacher-assigned computers.

  5. Raise your hand for help when needed.
  1. Put all trash in the waste container.
  1. Stay to the outside perimeter of the parking lot.
  2. Go directly to the buses or teacher-assigned activity area after school.

  1. Upon arrival at school, go straight to the gym or cafeteria.
  2. Keep your own place in line.

  1. Walk.
  2. Stay to the right.

  3. Keep moving.
  4. Arrive to class on time.

  5. Keep your locker neat and secure.
  1. Keep hands, feet and objects to yourself.
  2. Follow the dress code.

  3. Upon arrival at school, turn off and put away all personal electronic devices. They are to remain out of sight during school hours.

Be Respectful

  1. Use polite words.
  2. Follow directions the first time.

  3. Arrive on time.
  4. Treat property with care.

  5. Stay on topic during discussion.
  1. Respect the privacy of others.
  2. Keep the bathroom free of graffiti.

  1. Use sidewalks before, during and after school.
  1. Maintain a clean space.
  2. Throw away your trash when finished.

  1. Use time wisely.
  1. Keep your voice low when classes are in session.
  2. Use appropriate language.

  3. Displays of affection are to remain off-campus.

Be Safe

  1. Use equipment appropriately.
  2. Remain in designated areas.

  3. Technology is for teacher-directed activities only.
  4. Follow all posted safety expectations.

  5. Only clear water is to be consumed during class time.
  1. Wash and dry your hands.
  2. Report any problems to an adult.

  3. Use the cafeteria restrooms before school.
  1. Look both ways before crossing traffic areas.
  1. Remain in the gym or cafeteria, except for tutoring.
  2. Enter and exit in an orderly fashion.

  1. Schedule a specific time for before-school tutoring. If you arrive before your tutor, move to the gym or cafeteria until that time.
  1. Follow all emergency procedures.
  2. Return school equipment to the proper place after use.