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Course Information 2014 – 2015

Mr. Phipps

Room 211

6th Science

email: (checked hourly for quickest response)

phone: 636-464-4459

Conference Time:

12:42 – 1:27 (7th Hour)

 Course Description:

The sixth grade Earth Science course introduces a wide array of Earth Science information. The use, purpose, and understanding of the Scientific Method stands as a focal theme throughout the school year. Specific topics introduced and discussed include rocks and minerals, weathering and erosion, Earths processes, Earths atmosphere, weather and climate, the water cycle, populations and communities, ecosystems and biomes, natural resources, the Sun-Moon-Earth System and finally The Solar System.  Students will analyze, describe, and recognize changes and outcomes related to these topics. In addition students make predictions and qualitative and quantitative observations based upon scientific research.

 Classroom Expectations and Responsibilities:

  • be prepared for class (pencils, pens, paper, books, homework, planners etc.)
  • respect self and all others (keeps hands, feet, and objects to self; if you don’t have anything nice to say then don’t say anything at all)
  • obey all classroom rules
  • all assignments must be headed with first and last name, date, and hour
  • talking during a test will result in a zero
  • always bring additional work and a book to read to class
  • back packs and/or book bags must remain in locker unless otherwise notified
  • coats, jackets, and all other clothing not worn in class must be hung on the back of your own seat
  • no hats, bandanas, due rags etc.
  • students must be in the classroom before the bell rings or they will be counted tardy
  • students caught cheating will receive a zero for that test or assignment

Late Work Policy:

  • 1 day Late  – 20% off
  • 2 to 5 days late –  50% off
  • After 5 days – No Credit

 Discipline Policy:

1st Minor Offense – Warning

2nd Minor Offense – Notification Home

3rd Minor Offense – Office Referral

Each Additional Offense – Office Referral

(For more info. see Behavior Matrix and Major and Minor Offenses)


  • under certain circumstances immediate office referral may be necessary

  Grading Scale:

100 – 93% A

92 – 90 A-

89 – 87 B+

86 -83 B

82 – 80 B-

79 – 77 C+

76 – 73 C

72 – 70 C-

69 – 67 D+

66 – 63 D

62 – 60 D-

Below 60 F


all information for each test can be found in notes and/or study guide

specific study guides may not be given for each test

students can ALWAYS use chapter notes, course work and the like as a study guide

 Make-up Policy:

  • if a student is absent, it is his/her responsibility to ask for missed work
  • for each day absent, the student has an equivalent day to complete missed work after which work will not be accepted (Please see the Late Work Policy for additional details) 

Test Retake Policy:

Strictly follows district guidelines of 2 per semester and will only be issued after completion of remediation assignment.  Students will have exactly one week to complete the remediation assignment and will be issued the retake upon turning in the assignment.  (Note –  There are 6 exams per semester not including the comprehensive final exam, so use your retakes wisely.  Also, please note that comprehensive final exams may not be retaken due to time constraints related to end of semester grading.)