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How do I know how my child is doing in class?

The SIS Parent Portal will be your best option.  All grades will be updated through SIS.  Students have their own SIS Student Portal login and can keep up with their grades daily if they choose to do so.

Is there a textbook for this class?

There is not a specific textbook for this class that your child will be carrying back and forth from school to home. Some of the reading assignments will be from a class textbook, but photocopies will be provided for each student. Your child will three-ring binder that will house all photocopies of reading materials and assignments.

What supplies are needed for this class?

  • 1-binder (1”-2”)
  • pencils/pens

How much homework should I expect my child to have from this class?

If students utilize the allotted class time, most all assignments can be completed in class. If a class assignment is not fully completed by the student in class, it is his/her responsibility to see that it is completed by the next day either at home, on the bus, or before school in the cafeteria. Wisely using time and wisely managing time are key skills that eighth graders will be practicing this year.

What if my child is absent?

Extra copies of assignments are always available in the front of the classroom. It is the responsibility of the student to ask for his/her missing work the day he/she returns to school.

What about late work and zeros?

Late work is accepted until the last week before the end of each quarter.  Students will be given a specific late-work deadline each quarter by which all late work must be turned in.  Late work will receive a 40% grade penalty.  Once class has started, if a student must leave the class to return to his/her locker for a forgotten assignment, the student will receive a tardy.   Any late or missing work is recorded as a zero until it is turned in. If the work is not turned in by the set late-work deadline, it becomes a permanent zero in the grade book.

Can my child retake a test?

If all work for a unit is completed, a student can choose to retake a unit test.  Students are allowed two summative retakes, of their choice, per semester. It is each student’s responsibility to ask for these retakes and complete any remediation work required for the retake.  As I watch each student’s learning process, I may request a student retake a summative due to his or her lack of learning the concept assessed.  A teacher-required retake does not affect the two student-requested retakes allowed each semester.  Classwork assignments are not subject to retakes.

Can my child email writing assignments?

Absolutely. My email address is:  Most assignments will be turned in through Google Classroom.

Can  I access my child’s school email account?

Absolutely. Your child’s account information should be available through the SIS Portal.  If you do not have it, please contact me or the librarian, Mrs. Staley, and we will get the username and password to you.  Just a note: Your child’s school email account will only allow emails from other assigned Windsor C-1 users.  No other Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, etc. accounts can get through to your child’s school email account.