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Welcome to Ms. Politte’s Science Class!

Welcome to my website page! I am excited to be teaching 7th and 8th grade science classes this year.Science is the wave of the future and it is an exciting time to study the world around us and ask questions about what we see. Although we have a set area of study required by the state of Missouri,our main focus will be teaching the students to question the world around them and claims that are made by others.

In 7th grade science, our main unit of study will be on Physical Science. We will talk about matter, the periodic table, electricity, magnetism, and waves. There will be as many hands-on activities as we can manage and questions are encouraged as we explore the world around us.

In 8th grade science, our main unit of study will be Biology. This is a wonderful year as we get to talk all about how the human body works, how disease spreads, and how smart our body is as it takes care of us. There are a lot of fun projects as students study what makes them such a perfect organism!

I do not give homework. We work together on class projects and activities. There will be a completed study guide before each summative. They will know exactly what to expect a week before the exam. Please feel free to contact me with any questions at 636-464-4417 ext. #4769.  My email is and I will respond as quickly as possible. I hope to make this the best year of science your student has ever had!Image result for science logos images