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Dear Parents/Guardians,

I would like to introduce myself as your child’s math teacher for this school school year.  I am thrilled to (re)introduce myself as your child’s mathematics teacher and look forward to meeting many of you on Back to School Night

 7th Math Grade Curriculum

Highlights of the 7th grade curriculum include work with linear relationships, signed numbers, probability, solving multi-step equations, fractions, three dimensional geometry, and ratios and proportions.  These concepts represent a move for students from the concrete, operations-based mathematics they see in earlier grades, toward the more abstract math they will be seeing in 8th grade..

8th Grade Curriculum

Highlights of the 8th grade curriculum include work with linear relationships, exponential variation, inequalities, probability, transformational geometry and systems of equations, and non-linear relationships. These concepts continue to include concrete, operations-based mathematics  toward the more abstract math they will be seeing in high school.


We will focus on habits that are paramount to a student’s success in middle school.  The first such habit would be coming to class on time and prepared, with all materials in hand for the day’s learning target.  We will stress maintaining overall organizational skills.

Your child will not have daily homework with a few exceptions. The homework, when it is assigned, will involve absentee work or studying for a summative. Completing classwork in a careful, diligent manner during class when there is an opportunity to receive one on one help learning the objectives in our small group setting will be another key to success. Homework will be accepted until grade day. Your child will receive their work back once i t has been graded. It is their choice to keep the A, B, or a C letter grade. If the grade is a D or an F, your child can come in and receive extra tutoring from me to raise the grade above a “D”.


If a summative needs to be retaken, then a study sheet will need to be completed and rules for summative retake will apply according to school policy on number of retakes each quarter.

Extra Help

I am available for extra help before school nearly every day before school and most days during lunch. Students are strongly encouraged to take advantage of the opportunities for extra help or to make up work from being absent.


If at any time during the coming months you have questions or concerns about your child’s progress, I invite you to contact me at or call (636)464-4417 ext:4665, so that we may speak.  My individual plan each day is from ?????. I am in class at all other times once the school day begins , but I will make myself available by appointment at other times as well.

I very much look forward to working with you and your students to ensure that this school year is a rewarding.