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My 7th & 8th grade students will study art history, including artists, art periods, art movements throughout time, and art works which have made major contributions to the art world, past and present. Students will understand the importance of unique artwork and why everyone understands and accepts art in his or her own way. “Art is a unique expression of one’s self”(j.strouth). Students will continue to learn vocabulary used in our art units. Students will be reading about artists and art history. Students will write reaction papers about these readings, including the artists and movements/periods. Students will also create artwork using the periods as a basis for their projects. Students will write a paper about an art period and a famous artist who lived during that specific period. Students will then create a large poster using a visual drawing/ design popular during this period in art history. This project will account for their final performance in 7th/8th grade art. Students will also continue to learn about the basic elements and principles used in design. All their projects will reflect a knowledge about the elements and principles we are studying.

My 6th grade students will continue to build on their previous knowledge of elements and principles of art learned in the intermediate center, through discussion, examples and hands-on artwork. My 6th grade students are usually very ambitious and eager to express themselves in their artwork. Students will touch on art history and artists production during a specific time. We will also study the Ancient Egyptian art and culture concentrating on King Tutankhamen, the Great Pyramids, Hieroglyphics, art and objects/artifacts of this time. Students will then create several projects related to this unit. One of these projects will account for their final performance. This group generally puts a lot of effort into their artwork, resulting in success.

Advisory was introduced to our middle school students in 2005. Main focus ….. Character Education and Positive Action Program (introduced 2007), MAP strengthening lessons (introduced in 2008) and reading/study time when possible. Students knowledge and values continue to develop and grow as does the school year. Advisory in the Art Room has been a great and successful addition to our school day.

Have a great school year!

Mrs. Strouth, Middle School Art

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